Wish I had the photoshop skills to park a guinea pig on a covered wagon, but we’ll have to settle for a roller coaster visual metaphor

I need your help.

I have a draft process for how anyone can do some quick/fun reflection to create their User Manual and test it with their partner to create ridiculously amazing relationships.

After all, you give your partner what he/she needs, and they dish it right back. Goodbye educated guessing, adios general instructions you can’t understand–instead, you give (and get) specific actions optimized to make each other euphoric and power your love into the stratosphere.

Now I need guinea pigs.

How it works:

1. I’ll send over a few quick exercises per week. Estimated time required: 10-20 minutes.

2. You send me your results and feedback on the process.

3. After a few weeks of self-awareness intelligence gathering, you graduate to writing your User Manual and sharing it with your partner. Estimated time required here: 1-2 hours.

4. This is the hard part: You have to follow your partner’s User Manual! No complaints, no questions asked. Just do it.

5. After a few weeks, we’ll iterate the User Manual. And of course I love feedback at every step.

This is your chance to turbocharge your own relationship and learn about what you really need to be happy, while playing a vital role in helping couples across the galaxy polevault beyond meh/fine/OK/terrible partnerships and build something–yes–ridiculously amazing.

All encouraged!

Game? Awesome. Shoot me a note at matt@theusermanual.co or call/text at 415.867.0999. I’ll be as confidential as you want me to be.

Let’s go!

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