Everybody who wants ridiculously amazing relationships needs a User Manual.

The sad truth is that we give the people who matter most in our life almost no direction on how to manage us and make us insanely happy.

Isn’t that weird? Your romantic partner is one of the biggest investments of time, energy, money and emotional power that you’ll ever expend—and yet we have no guidebook on how to optimize that massive expenditure.

Instead, we guess! We try things! We rely on the magic spark that drew us together in the first place to erupt into an eternal fire that outlasts moon cycles and presidential administrations. With the power of passion, patience, experience, and a lot of luck, it can work out.

But most of the time, it doesn’t. And wouldn’t it be a lot easier with a User Manual?

Imagine buying a car and not receiving a user manual to figure out what’s going on when that weird light comes on. Imagine buying a phone and not having access to the Apple or Android forums to troubleshoot. Think of what happens when we have to spend more than thirty seconds on hold for customer support. We go ballistic. We bitch and moan online. The incompetence! Wasting my time! Blergh!

I’ve screwed up too many great relationships because I didn’t know what to do to make my partner happy. And I didn’t give my partner a clue on how to manage me. I like to think I’m deliciously complex, which can be wonderful at a dinner party but a pain in the ass to figure out what’s wrong when I’m grumpy on Tuesday night.

I’m actively pitching The User Manual as a book (contact me if you’d like to chat). As that process rolls on at the speed of publishing, I’m going to use this space to test out my ideas and seek feedback.

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